Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cryosphere - Back To Photorealism

Abstraction is a process that requires thorough understanding of the source object in it's full visual, physical and emotional complexity. While successfull abstraction will intensify your image, a lack of understanding will result in weak, immature or unfinished looking images. Many artists will disagree with me when I say: The best way of finding your own style and focus is exposing yourself to the full complexity of your motive first. Then let your personality and technique decide which parts are relevant and which are not.

Having said that - I went back two steps and tried to get my next painting as close to reality as time and tools allowed. I created eight different Photoshop brushes and spent nine hours using them to create this image from scratch. I could have spent an infinite amount of time to improve it but I stopped once I had the feeling that I learned my lession. The problem is, I would now have to do a stylized version of this scenario to complete my training but I just can't be asked to do the same thing again. My next painting will be stylized but it will only have some elements of this landsacape.

The image is called "Cryosphere" and was inspired by the ambient sounds of "Biosphere".


Anonymous said...

Hallo Joachim!
Deine Arbeit ist wunderbar, technisch brilliant und nahe am Photorealismus. Ich hörte heute beim Betrachten deines Blogs einige Titel von "Biosphere" und ich habe mir dabei vorgestellt, wie dein Werk entstand. Herrliche Musik - tolle Arbeit - feine Theorie.
Mit lieben Grüßen - Fritz

hans bacher said...

hello joachim,

I have no idea why yo got depressed with my book. this painting is amazing! you are right, it is very realistic - but that is the start, the style is the next step. and you have a lot of choices. we called the realistic first research - 'information design'. the stylistic translation is the follow up step.
my best wishes